The BEST Chrome Extensions For YouTube! (2020)

In this video, I am going to be talking about the best chrome extensions for YouTube in 2020! These are the top chrome extensions that you can use for your YouTube channel, whether you are a YouTuber or casual YouTube viewer. I think that these awesome Google Chrome extensions will help make your Google Chrome browser more useful, and allow you to unlock tools to better your YouTube experience! Let me know what your favortie Google Chrome extensions are in the comments!


1. Tags for YouTube
2. TubeBuddy
3. VidIQ
4. Hootlet
5. Screencastify
6. Page Marker

I personally think that Google chrome extensions are extremely underrated in 2020. If you know about the best google chrome extensions, you can find awesome, usefull tools that make your browser more than just a browser. You can be more productive when you’re making YouTube videos or thinking of ideas, and this list of the best Google chrome extensions for YouTube barely scratches the list of all the awesome chrome extensions available in 2020!

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