OV7670 Camera Module with Arduino: Color Image To PC (Step-By-Step Guide)

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I have updated the code from using the outdated “rxtx” library to “jSerialComm”. You can skip the
“-Djava.library.path” in the VM options.

You can find full updated instructions of how to set-up the Java project at the Github page:


This is a follow-up to the “Arduino OV7670 live image to screen” video. In this tutorial, I am connecting only a camera to Arduino (no screen) and sending images to a computer over the serial connection.

The image can be transferred with up to 2Mbit/sec baud rate. Although that speed is not very stable and I have set 1Mbit/sec as default.

Interestingly though the 1Mbit/sec only works with Arduino clones. With Genuine Arduino Uno you have to lower the baud rate since 1Mbit/sec is always very glitchy. I think that for some reason Chinese ch340 serial chip handles high speeds better than FTDI chip used in the original Arduino.

LiveOV7670 project (Arduino):

Arduino image capture project (Java):

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00:00 Intro
00:14 Demo
00:24 Arduino code
01:40 Setting up ArduinoImageCapture
02:54 OUTDATED. Not needed anymore!
03:21 Running the application
04:30 ArduiniImageCapture on Mac
05:04 Wiring the camera to the Arduino
08:05 Demo – 320×240 1Mbit/sec
08:30 Demo – 320×240 2Mbit/sec (glichy image)
08:51 Demo – 160×120 1Mib/sec
09:07 Demo – 160×120 115kbit/sec

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