iPhone 5S Tristar (U2) IC Fix – classic won't charge stone dead battery

Need repair or data recovery?

Here are my tools:
Hot air station:
Soldering Station #1:
Soldering Station #2:
Micro-Pencil Iron:
Micro-Pencil Tip:
Curved Tip:
Long Bent Tip:
Bevel Tip:
Mini Hot Tweezers:
Solder Paste:

Microscope Stuff:
Ring light:

DC Power Supply:
USB Current Meter:

Software for Board View & Schematics:
Easy Draw:
ZXW Tool:

Other Tools:
Strait Tweezers:
Curved Tweezers:
PCB Holder:

Recording Gear:
Microscope Camera:
Camera on my hands:
Main Camera:
2nd Main Camera:

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