Bag Review: Chrome Mini Kadet Great EDC Sling (I Could Fit 3 Cameras Inside)

I’m a huge fan of sling bags for Every Day Carry. They’re compact, unobtrusive, yet easily accessible when needed. Chrome Industries has been releasing some awesome slings recently and they asked if I wanted to check out their new Mini Kadet. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and I’m really enjoying how small it is. For me, the bigger the bag, the more likely I’m going to pack it out and end up carrying too much gear. The Mini Kadet is just big enough to carry my essentials without getting carried away. For this video I completely filled the sling bag just to show you how much I could pack in. Overall it’s a great EDC bag, perfect for short trips, running errands, even as a small essentials carry-on for flights.

Chrome Industries were generous enough to offer my viewers a 20% discount. Please use the code BIGHEADTACO20 at check-out. This code will work on any regular priced item on their website, and the code is not stackable (can’t use with other discounts or codes). I don’t know when the code will expire so take advantage of the discount while it’s still active.
Here’s a non-affiliate link to the new Mini Kadet:

Here are links to the other items I mentioned in the video, again these are all non-affiliate links:

Triple F.A.T. Goose Hyland 3-in-1 Jacket:
COOPH Photographers Gloves:
ZaidMade Battery and SD Card Case:
Clever Supply Minimal Camera Strap with PD Anchors:
Ekster Parliment Wallet:
Revolver Snap-Back Cap:

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