10 Chrome Extensions You Can't Live Without!

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These are some of the best Chrome extensions for the Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome is the world’s most-used browser. With its clean interface, syncing capabilities and so many useful extensions, it’s not hard to understand why it’s so popular. In this video, I will show you 10 chrome extensions that you can’t live without. You could try living without these, but why would you want to.

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“Chrome Extensions” Playlist

0:25 Archived versions of webpages
1:29 Screen capture
2:20 User styles manager
3:13 Customizable reader extension
3:47 Create website citations
4:19 A new look for Wikipedia
5:03 Reverse image search
5:48 Check your spelling & grammar
6:32 Advanced eyedropper
7:18 Dark theme for every website

Wayback Machine

Awesome Screenshot


Themes & Skins:
Just Read

Cite This For Me





Dark Reader



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